#iPPP Sunday Funday

While you were home watching “Boardwalk Empire” (no spoilers, please; I still haven’t seen that episode), here’s where I was Sunday night.

The opening act: Everest. These guys just got off the road from a tour with Neil Young. We’ve seen them a bunch of times. Super talented band and all-around nice guys to boot.

Co-headlining act: Alabama Shakes. Our first time seeing them. Brittany rocked it with that powerhouse voice of hers.

Co-headlining act: Band of Horses. I can’t say enough good things about these guys and the stellar performance they gave. Really. Check ’em out, folks.

And here’s my best little buddy, Rosebud, all snuggled up in the place I didn’t want to leave Monday morning: my bed.

I’m linking up with the awesome GFunkified and Mamamash for #iPPP. Come hang out with us.

10 thoughts on “#iPPP Sunday Funday

  1. I love Alabama Shakes. I saw something on Twitter regarding their Late Night performance and I was blown away.

    Sadly- we have sitters here but I don’t think they get any big acts. Unless you count Kris Kristofferson a big act.

    • Kris Kristofferson? Wow. Are you going? 🙂

      Re: the Shakes, I have to say that the band itself was a little on the boring side. But Brittany’s voice = incredible. Maybe it was an off night because my friend saw them the evening before and said they were awesome.

    • No kidding! The weeknight shows especially suck because I have to get up with our kids at 6 a.m. We rarely go to concerts on school nights anymore, but there are some I just can’t pass up.

  2. Oh, DH and I used to go to live shows All. The. Time. I’d forgotten how much I missed that atmosphere – looks like you had a BLAST. Now, off to iTunes me some new music!

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