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I am a 48-year-old free-lance writer and editor, wife, and mother of two teenagers. I was born in Detroit, grew up in its suburbs and moved to Chicago when I was 25.
I love to run: I have done eight half marathons and recently completed my third full and second Chicago Marathon. Portland (below) was No. 2.
219879_169282663_XLargeI am a die-hard, lifelong music fan: My husband’s band, The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club, is at the top of my play list.
10653680_10152771982928846_4586925366151857338_nI love to travel: My family takes regular road trips around the U.S., and we have also journeyed to England, France, Italy and the Netherlands.682

I share my experiences as a wife, mother, runner, groupie and traveler here on this blog. I also reflect on the past I left behind in Michigan. Come along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Driving

  1. Hi Kathleen! Any chance you can discuss why some people insist on begrudging other people’s happiness? Our family was just on vacation in a sunny destination when a “relative” bantered on facebook back and forth for almost a week because I said several times that our family was having a great time despite the rain, clouds, storms, etc. She posted that the weather was great back at home, that posted pic’s would be nice except for the clouds, welcome home to clear skies and on & on & on! Really, we need to defend ourselves because weather did not ruin our trip. Sorry your dissappointed, but we are happy, period! Any insight on this kind of motive? Thanks!!

  2. Oh, Cathy, where do I begin? This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I have several family members who do it too, and I’ve ended friendships because of it as well.

    The bottom line is that these people are miserable and can’t bear to see anyone enjoying life. It brings them some sort of warped satisfaction to try to rain on your parade. Your relative was obviously jealous that you were away on vacation and wanted to spoil it for you. What she doesn’t understand is that you have a happy marriage and family, and a little rain wouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time together.

    I try to remind myself that these sort of people are just sad and dissatisfied with their own lives. If I let their behavior bother me, I’m letting their misery seep into my life — which is exactly what they want.

    You and I are both lucky ladies: We have husbands who love us and great kids. But the key is that we recognize how lucky we are. That’s why we’re happy. Some people don’t get that happiness isn’t a gift. It’s something you work at. And, sadly, the fact that they don’t get it is why they’ll never have it.

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