Momless Wonder

Jeanne Marie Hern Harkness (RIP 3/26/27 - 4/28/70)

Yesterday would have been my mother’s 85th birthday. She died at 43, just six weeks after being diagnosed with leukemia. She left behind an adoring husband, a 15-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old son and me, an oblivious toddler. I was 2½ when she died, so I haven’t a single real memory of her. I don’t recall the sound of her voice, her mannerisms, her laughter, her scent, the feel of her skin. These are memories I would give just about anything to have.

Yet, in my mind, being so young was a blessing. I moved into a new home, found love with a new family and basically didn’t skip a beat. That is a whole other story…

Today I am thinking about the beautiful woman who gave me life. When I was a child, I used to lie in the grass and look for her in the clouds. Today I look at the beautiful face of her granddaughter and I see her there. I know she is with me; she always has been. And as I watch my own daughter grow up and recognize the impact my presence has in her life, I sit back in wonder, momless wonder.

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  1. Kathleen – I’m loving your blog. You are such a talented writer – very witty, honest, and real. I never knew your story, but have always loved seeing that picture of your mom. She was a beautiful lady.

    • Thank you so much, Heather. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. It means a lot.

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